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Holy beans, Hannah. They are FANTASTIC; even better than expected. They fit like a dream, the quality is excellent, and here are some of the best compliments I got... While wearing the shirt at the farmer's market: "Hey! Pretty! Look at your pretty!" While wearing the skirt around a festival: "Where did you get that skirt? You look like summer!" I feel like I should be carrying around a stash of your cards when I go out. :) There's nothing better than clothes that make you smile AND make you feel pretty. So thanks for the smiling pretties.... -Dawn

It's fabulous and so is my red apple wrap skirt. Thanks for making such great clothes and making them big enough for me!

Dear Hannah,I love my 5 skirts- They fit perfectly and they're such good quality! I am very pleased with the awesome colors and prints. You're very talented and I appreciate your excellent work. I wore the apple skirt to my 1st day at school and people really enjoyed it:)I am e-mailing a photo which you may use if you'd like.Sincerely, Fran

SHE LOVES IT!!! Thank you so much, an absolutely marvelous cut for a PERFECT FIT! It has rocketed to the top slot of favorites in her closet. A true work of art! Thanks again, --ed

Hi Hannah Just to let you know that I got my skirt yesterday and I love it! It fits wonderfully and is really as beautiful in person as I had hoped it might be. Thank you so much for all the care you took over it. The packaging was also really pretty. Thanks again Sarah

I love my skirts! They are so pretty and they fit like a dream. Thanks Hannah Annie

I LOVE it! Thank you! Christine

dear hannah I received the skirts yesterday and wow!!!!!! thanx again for this lovley skirts - you are really the best. send you happy greetings from zurich. **karine with a big smile**

Hi Hannah, Just wanted to let you know that the skirts arrived safely just now and I had tell you how delighted I am with them - they're even better than I expected! They're so beautifully finished and really lovely packing too. They've really put a HUGE smile on my face and I can't wait to wear them. It's my birthday in August so I know what I'll be asking my husband to get me - so expect another order soon! Thanks so much Jane x

Dear Hannah--it's probably not right to love an inanimate object as much as I love this top! Thank you. As I'm sure you'll see I immediately ordered two other tops. Best wishes, Ayse

Yay! The skirts arrived this morning and are soooooooo cute and beautifully printed and constructed. You are a talented woman and you can be sure i'm spreading your name far and wide. Thanks for the great service and responsiveness. Helen

Hey Hannah, My two newest skirts arrived today. They fit perfectly and are so darn cute! Thank you so much. I can't wait to get some more. Cheers! Stacy

I know you already know this but this dress is the most darling dress ever! I LOVE IT! Thank you - me

I just wore my skirt to a baby shower and everyone loved it! It is so much fun .Thank you for the great craftsmanship and love you put in to this. I Love it!! I will order again soon! Thank you again. Danice

Hi Hannah- The skirt arrived and looks great on my wife. She got lots of compliments, as did I for picking it out. Thanks! Gideon

Hello, Hannah: I received your package yesterday, and oh my god, I LOVE the skirt!!! Thank you thank you so much. It is made so beautifully, and I just can't keep my eyes off of it. I'm going to Paris next week, and I'm definitely taking the skirt with me! I really adore all the beautiful goodies you make. Thanks again for the lovely skirt, and I'm sure you'll hear from me again in the near future. Take care. Asuka

Hannah, We got the skirt yesterday, and Markie (my wife) absolutely loves it! It fits really well, and she says the material really drapes well. Keep up the great work! Ian

Hannah, Everything is perfect!! All three items are absolutely beautiful, and the skirt lengths are ideal. Thank you so much for your extra work. You've made me a life-long fan. Thank you!! Kristen


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